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Bioscience Technology Student On-the-Job Training (OJT) Placement

 We would like to invite you to host a second-year Bioscience

Technology student for their on-the-job training placement.  The OJT
positions in the Bioscience Technology program are unpaid, six-week
placements that will run from February 4 until March 15, 2013, during
this academic year.  The OJT experience is intended to give students
the opportunity to demonstrate and further develop the skills they
have acquired in the Bioscience Technology program.  Positions can be
in laboratory or production settings where bioscience technicians or
technologists are required.  In the past, these OJT positions were
often associated with specific research projects, which the students
would then write up and present in May. This year, we are having all
of the students complete in-house research projects in April; thus,
the OJT positions are no longer tied to a specific, six-week project.

The intention of the OJT placement is to prepare our students for the
workplace.  To further this objective, we manage the OJT placements
similar to job placements by having students apply to postings and go
through an interview process.  We are asking interested sponsors to
supply a brief job description (it can very brief) to give students an
understanding of the job requirements/opportunities.  We would like to
have these submitted by Monday December 10, 2012, either to myself
(Michael Gibson), or to Dr. Jennifer Slemmer.  We have scheduled the
interviews to be conducted at Holland College on Thursday January 10,
2013.  Typically, you would be required to interview three students
for each position that you submit.  Both students and sponsors are
asked to rank their selections, and we match students to positions
based on these rankings.

If you would like to host an OJT placement or have further questions
please contact either myself, Michael Gibson (email: phone: 566-9696), Jennifer Slemmer (email: phone 566-9390) or Cathy MacDonald from
the program office (email: phone:
629-4206, fax 566-9355).

Thank you for supporting the students and programs of Holland College
by opening your organization to our learning process.


Michael Gibson                                                 Jennifer Slemmer

Learning Manager, Bioscience Technology     Learning Manager,
Bioscience Technology