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 UPEI / BioAlliance MITACS Internships – Health Related Research

Prince Edward Island BioAlliance, a member of the Health Research Internship Consortium1, is partnering with MITACS to deliver the MITACS-Accelerate internship program in Health-Related Research in Prince Edward Island.

There will be up to 5 PEI based internships available in each of the next 3 years.

The BioAlliance will identify the PEI based companies undertaking health research and interested in supporting an Intern. Please contact Denise Bulger ( for information on participating companies. Ms. Bulger has been designated by the BioAliance as the Business Development Representative for this program.

UPEI’s internal contact for this program is: Leslie Cudmore (, Research Grants Coordinator, Office of Research Development. (ORS representative)

Internship details:

• Each 4-month internship project receives $15,000 in direct funding, with the partner organization and MITACS each providing $7,500

These funds are limited to supporting the direct costs of research as directed by NSERC. A detailed description of eligible expenses is available at the following link:

• The $15,000 will be provided to the intern’s academic supervisor as a research grant

• It is required that the intern receive a stipend of a minimum of $10,000 of the total grant per 4-month internship

• It is expected that the intern will spend 50% of her / his time on site with the partner organization

• It is possible to do two consecutive internships

• Any funds over and above the intern stipend will be used to support research related to the internship

• The intern must be a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow enrolled at a Canadian university

• The intern need not be a Canadian citizen; foreign students and permanent residents are eligible

• The intern and academic supervisor must discuss the possible effects of the internship on the intern’s program completion timeline

• The intern, academic supervisor and partner supervisor will meet at the initiation of the internship to agree on the research plan

• The intern will undertake a research project which has the potential to lead to, or supplement, the student’s thesis in the case of a graduate student or to further the PDF’s research program

• The intern will remain a student of their university while (s)he is an intern and shall not be an employee of the partner organization during this time

Full program details can be found at:

An FAQ can be found at:

An application form is available at:
Applications may be submitted at any time and will take 6-8 weeks for proposal review and processing. Applications are submitted through ORD and must be accompanied by an Administrative Approvals Form.

Intellectual Property: The Intellectual Property term sheet for UPEI participants in MTACS Internships sponsored through the BioAlliance can be found at: - scroll down to “Open Deadline” and Click “MITACS – Health-Related”