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Help with fillable forms

Goodbye, paper and pencil. Hello, fillable forms. (Photo used by Creative Commons agreement)
Contact Information
Contact Person: Donna Lawless
Department: Research Services
Phone: (902) 628-4308

In order to cut the amount of paper processed by Research Services, we have created forms that can be filled out right on your computer. If you prefer to continue manually filling out forms by hand, these new forms will accommodate that preference. In either case, please ensure you attach any supporting documentation that may be required.

Adobe Acrobat forms - Software requirements

All of the forms on our website are portable document format (PDF), unless otherwise indicated. To view and print these forms, your computer must be equipped with Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download this product free of charge from the Adobe website.

Downloading, saving, and/or printing forms
• Ensure your computer is equipped with Adobe Acrobat Reader
• Right-click on the hyperlinked file name
• Select the option to save the file to the directory of your choice
• Edit or print the file at your convenience using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Moving within a form
• To begin entering information into a form, hit the "Tab" key, or use your mouse to click into the first field of the form.
• To move from one field to the next, hit "Tab." This ensures that you don't accidentally skip over any fields.

Changing your data
• To replace data you've already entered in a field, place your cursor within the field and left-click to select all. This selects the existing data, which you can adjust or replace.

Check boxes
• Place your cursor over the box you would like to check. Click to select.

Forms which perform calculations
Some sections of the form perform calculations based on the amounts you enter. For instance, when you enter data in the 'Estimated Project Costs', the form automatically calculates the total and inserts it in the appropriate field.
You are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of any information submitted on fillable forms that perform calculations. Please double-check all data you enter!

Specific fields
• Dates: Unless otherwise specified on an individual form, all dates must be entered in the format mm/dd/yyyy (for example, 02/03/2002 is February 3, 2002.)
• Dollar amounts: Commas will be placed automatically. No cents are allowed.
• Phone numbers: Enter the standard area code and phone number - for example, enter 888 888 8888 and it will be formatted as (888) 888-8888.
• Signatures: A fillable form that requires a signature must be signed by hand after you've completed and printed it.

Submitting completed forms
• Some forms don’t require signature. These can be saved to your computer and emailed to the person indicated on the form.
• Some forms require a signature. After you've entered and verified the data on your fillable form, print it, sign it, and submit it (keeping a copy for your own records)
• Individual forms include instructions about where to send or drop-off the completed paper copy.