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María J. Forzán

  • MVZ (DVM)
  • MSc
  • DipACVP
Assistant Professor, Wildlife Pathologist
Pathology & Microbiology
(902) 566-0545
Research Interests: 

Amphibian health, status of ranavirus and chytid fungus on PEI, mortality in wild finches in the Maritime Provinces associated with tricomoiaisis (trichomonosis)

  • Wildlife disease
  • Amphibian conservation
  • Chytridiomycosis and ranavirus infection in wild and captive amphibians

Forzán, M. J., Vanderstichel, R.V., Melekhovets, Y.F. and McBurney, S. Trichomoniasis in finches from the Canadian Maritime provinces, an emerging disease. Canadian Veterinary Journal, 2009, 51(4):391-396

Forzán, M. J., Gunn, H. and Scott, P. Chytridiomycosis in an Aquarium Population of Frogs: Diagnosis, Treatment and Control. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 2008, 39(3):406-411

Ide, A., Forzán, M. J. Systemic Necropsy for Pathology. The Veterinary Times, June 2008, 38(22):8,10-11

Forzán, M. J., and McClure J Aganglionosis is a 3-month-old Holstein calf. Canadian Veterinary Journal, 2005, 46:342-344

Forzán, M. J., and Frasca, S. Systemic Toxoplasmosis in a 5-month-old beaver, Castor canadensis. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 2004, 35(1):113-115

Current Collaborators (non-UPEI): 
  • Paula Jackman
  • Megan Gahl
  • Bruce Pauli