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Ahmed Siah



Research Associate/Adjunct Professor
Pathology & Microbiology
(902) 566-0668
Research Interests: 

Molecular Biology
Aquatic Health


 Siah A, McKenna P, Danger JM, Johnson G, Berthe FCJ, 2011. Induction of transposase and polyprotein RNA levels in disseminated neoplastic hemocytes of soft-shell clams, Mya arenaria. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 35(2):151-154.

Araya MT, Mateo M, Markham F, McKenna P, Johnson G, Berthe FCJ, Siah A, 2010. Identification and expression of immune related genes in hemocytes of soft-shell clams, Mya arenaria, challenged with Vibrio splendidus. Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 29:557-564.

Mateo D, Greenwood SJ, Araya MT, Berthe FCJ, Johnson GR, Siah A, 2010. Differential gene expression of γ-actin, Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR-2) and interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4 (IRAK-4) in Mya arenaria haemocytes induced by in vivo infections with two Vibrio splendidus strains. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 34:710-714.

Siah A, Delaporte M, Pariseau J, McKenna P, Berthe FCJ, 2008. Patterns of p53, p73 and mortalin gene expression associated with hemocyte polyploidy in the soft-shell clam, Mya arenaria. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, 98:2, 148-152.

Siah A, Masson R, Loup B, Bultelle F, Pellerin J, Leboulenger F, Danger JM, 2007. Receptor Activated C Kinase as down-regulated in the male gonads of the Aquatic Bivalve Mollusk: Mya arenaria exposed to tributyltin (TBT). Aquatic Toxicology, 83:4, 295-305.