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Carolyn Peach Brown

My research focuses on environmental governance and issues of sustainability that balance social, ecological and economic interests. The way in which different institutional configurations of the state, the private sector and civil society interact to govern the environment has implications in many international and Canadian jurisdictions.   My research explores the roles played by local institutions, communities and civil society groups in environmental management, and how these institutions interface with other actors in multi-level governance systems, in the context of changing policy and a changing climate. 


 PhD Natural Resource Policy and Management, Cornell University, 2005

M.Sc Ecology, University of Guelph, 1985

B.Sc (Honours) Biology, 1981

Assistant Professor of Biology and Director of Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies/Biology
Science and Arts
(902) 620-5066
Research Interests: 
  • environmental governance
  • community-based natural resource management
  • sustainable development
  • climate change
  • knowledge systems
  • adaptive collaborative management
  • community resilience
  • biodiversity conservation
  • international development



Brown, H.C. Peach, Nkem, J. Ndi, Sonwa, D. and Y. Bele. 2010. “Institutional adaptive capacity and climate change response in the Congo Basin forests of Cameroon.” Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 15: 263-282.

Brown, H.C. Peach and J.P. Lassoie. 2010. “Institutional choice and local legitimacy in community-based forest management: Lessons from Cameroon.” Environmental Conservation 37 (3): 1-10. (Special thematic section: Community-based natural resource management: designing the next generation).

Brown, H.C. Peach and J.P. Lassoie. 2010. “The interaction between market forces and management systems: A case study of non-wood forest products in the humid forest zone of Cameroon.” International Forestry Review 12 (1): 13-26.

Brown, H.C. Peach. 2009. “Climate change and Ontario forests: Prospects for building institutional adaptive capacity.” Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 14 (6): 513-536.

Brown, H.C. Peach, Buck, L. and J.P. Lassoie. 2008. “Governance and social learning in the management of non-wood forest products in community forests in Cameroon.” International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology 7 (3): 256-275.

Current Collaborators (non-UPEI): 

Centre for International Forestry Research -- "The role of local institutions in climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Congo Basin forest of Cameroon."

Dr. Daniel Scott of the University of Waterloo and Dr. Murray Simpson of The CARIBSAVE Partnership (PIs) - “Partnership for Canada-Caribbean Community Climate Change Adaptation (ParCA)”