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Paul E Hanna

  • DVM, University of Guelph, 1982
  • Diploma in Veterinary Pathology, University of Guelph, 1984
  • MSc, University of Prince Edward Island, 1989
  • DACVP (Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathology), 1991
Associate Professor
Veterinary Medicine
(902) 566-0852
Research Interests: 
  • Infectious diseases of domestic animals
  • Veterinary dermatopatholgy
  1. Martinson SA, Hanna PE, Ikede BO, Lewis JP, Miller LM, Keefe GP, McKenna SL. Comparison of bacterial culture, histopathology, and immunohistochemistry for the diagnosis of Johne's disease in culled dairy cows. J Vet Diagn Invest. 2008 Jan;20(1):51-7
  2. Peyrou M, Hanna PE, Cribb AE. Calpain inhibition but not reticulum endoplasmic stress preconditioning protects rat kidneys from p-aminophenol toxicity. Toxicol Sci. 2007 Sep;99(1):338-45.
  3. Peyrou M, Hanna PE, Cribb AE. Cisplatin, gentamicin, and p-aminophenol induce markers of endoplasmic reticulum stress in the rat kidneys. Toxicol Sci. 2007 Sep;99(1):346-53.
  4. Haruna J, Hanna P, Hurnik D, Ikede B, Miller L, Yason C. The role of immunostimulation in the development of postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome in pigs under field conditions. Can J Vet Res. 2006 Oct;70(4):269-76.
  5. McKenna SLB, Keefe GP, Barkema HW, McClure J, VanLeeuwen JA, Hanna P, and Sockett DC. Cow-Level Prevalence of Paratuberculosis in Culled Dairy Cows in Atlantic Canada and Maine. J. Dairy Sci. 2004; 87: 3770-3777.