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K. Larry Hammell

Epidemiology applied to aquaculture, including clinical field trials for treatment and prevention of infectious and non-infectious health concerns, productivity and health monitoring in aquaculture, methods for disease surveillance in fish farms, evaluation of diagnostic test characteristics, risk factor studies for health issues in fish farms. Species involved are salmonids, halibut, and other finfish.

  • B.Sc.
  • D.V.M.
  • M.Sc.
Professor, Director of AVC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences, and PEI Innovation Research Chair (Aquatic Epidemiology)
Health Management
(902) 566-0728
Research Interests: 

·         Health and productivity management at fish farms / hatcheries

·         Clinical epidemiology, clinical trials

·         Disease surveillance and production monitoring

·         Diagnostic test evaluations

·         Risk factor studies


1.      BURNLEY TA, STRYHN H, BURNELY HJ, HAMMELL KL. Randomized clinical field trial of a Bacterial Kidney Disease vaccine in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L. J of Fish Diseases (accepted 2010)


2.      CARAGUEL C, STRYHN H, GAGNÉ N, HAMMELL L. 2009. Traditional descriptive analysis and novel visual representation of diagnostic repeatability and reproducibility: Application to an infectious salmon anaemia virus RT-PCR assay. Prev Vet Med 92: 9-19.


3.      NÉRETTE P, HAMMELL L, DOHOO I, GARDNER I. 2008. Evaluation of testing strategies for infectious salmon anaemia and implications for surveillance and control programs. Aquaculture 280: 53-59.


4.      NÉRETTE P, STRYHN H, DOHOO I, HAMMELL L. 2008.  Using pseudogold standards and latent-class analysis in combination to evaluate the accuracy of three diagnostic tests. Prev Vet Med 85: 207-225.


5.      WESTCOTT JD, STRYHN H, BURKA JF, HAMMELL KL. 2008. Optimization and field use of a bioassay to monitor sea lice Lepeophtheirus salmonis sensitivity to emamectin benzoate using a bioassay. Dis Aquat Org 79: 119-131.

Current Collaborators (non-UPEI): 


·         Mike Beattie (NBDAA, St. George, NB)

·         Daryl Whelan (NLDFA, St. John’s, NL)

·         Roland Cusack (NSDFA, Halifax, NS)

·         Mark Moore (Maritime Veterinary Services, NB)

·         Leighanne Hawkins (Cooke Aquaculture, Blacks Harbour, NB)

·         Edgar Brun (National Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway)