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Nola Etkin

  • B.Sc., (Honours Chemistry), University of Ottawa, 1987
  • Ph.D., (Organic Chemistry), University of Alberta, 1993
Assistant Professor
(902) 566-0693
Research Interests: 
  • Design of new catalysts for converting small molecules such as olefins into large polymers (like plastics)
  • Particular focus is on catalysts that are chiral, which means that they exist in left or right handed forms. These chiral catalysts have the potential to produce polymers with superior properties.
  1. Trevor Dzwiniel, Nola Etkin, and Jeffrey M. Stryker, “Carbon–Carbon Bond Activation by Electrophilic Complexes of Cobalt. Anomalous [3 + 2 + 2] Allyl/Alkyne Cycloaddition Reactions and [5 + 2] Cyclopentenyl/Alkyne Insertion–Ring Expansion Reactions.” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 121, 10640 (1999).
  2. Nola Etkin, Trevor L. Dzwiniel, Kathy E. Schweibert and Jeffrey M. Stryker, “Cobalt-Mediated Intermolecular Allyl/Alkyne [3 + 2 + 2] Cycloaddition Reactions. A Practical Metal Template for Convergent Synthesis of Functionalized Seven-Membered Rings.” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 120, 9702 (1998).
  3. Nola Etkin, Christopher Ong and Douglas W. Stephan, “Synthesis of 1,2-Cyclopentadienyl Diimine Anions and Their Zirconium Complexes.” Organometallics, 17, 3656 (1998).
  4. Nola Etkin, Aaron Hoskin and Douglas W. Stephan, “The Anionic Zirconocene Trihydride Complex: [Cp*2ZrH3-].” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 119, 11420 (1997).
  5. Nola Etkin, Maria C. Fermin and Douglas W. Stephan, “Catalytic Synthesis of the P16 Macrocycle (C6H4P2)8.” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 119, 2954 (1997).
Current Collaborators (non-UPEI): 
  • Dr. Gary Reid, Vice President, Research and Business Development, Biovectra-dcl
  • Ron Skinner, Senior Food Chemisty, PEI Food Technology Centre