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Catherine Louise Ryan

Research is focused on the evaluation of CNS acting compounds that are potentially neurotoxic to the developing CNS or have therapeutic potential. Additional research interests encompass the development of animal models of human neurobiological disorders, especially those disorders with a suspected developmental origin.



(902) 566-0323
Research Interests: 
  • Developmental neurotoxicology
  • Animal models
  • CNS
  • Learning and memory
  • Amino acids
  1. Title: Persistent changes in learning and memory in rats following neonatal treatment with domoic acid Author(s): Adams, AL; Doucette, TA; James, R, et al. Source: PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR   Volume: 96   Issue: 4-5   Pages: 505-512   Published: 2009
  2. Title: Effects of estrous stage and time of day on prepulse inhibition in female rats
    Author(s): Adams, AL; Hudson, A; Ryan, CL, et al. Source: JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS   Volume: 173   Issue: 2   Pages: 295-298   Published: 2008
  3. Title: Altered responses to novelty and drug reinforcement in adult rats treated neonatally with domoic acid
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  4. Title: Hippocampal mossy fiber sprouting and elevated trkB receptor expression following systemic administration of low dose domoic acid during neonatal development
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  5. Title: An improved post-operative care protocol allows detection of long-term functional deficits following MCAo surgery in rats Author(s): Ryan, CL; Doucette, TA; Gill, DA, et al. Source: JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS   Volume: 154   Issue: 1-2   Pages: 30-37   Published: JUN 30 2006