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Sheldon Opps

I employ both analytical theory and computer simulation methods to study the structural and dynamical properties of soft matter, including single-polymer chain systems, liquid crystals, Langmuir monolayers, and biomembranes.
  • B.Sc., University of Guelph, 1993
  • M.Sc., University of Toronto, 1994
  • Ph.D., University of Guelph, 2000
Associate Professor
1 902-566-0421
Research Interests: 
  • Structural and dynamic properties of polymeric systems, such as Langmuir monolayers, liquid crystals, and polypeptides - simulation techniques used, include parallel-tempering, discontinuous molecular dynamics (DMD) and transition path sampling
  1. S.B. Opps, N. Abou-Risk, and J.M. Polson, Discontinuous molecular dynamics simulation study of polymer collapse, J. Chem. Phys. Accepted for publication, Oct 12, 2006. Funding: (NSERC), Major Research Grant (MRG) -UPEI.
  2. S.B. Opps, N. Saad, H.M. Srivastava, Some Reduction and Transformation Formulas for the Appell Hypergeometric Function F2, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 302 180-195 (2005). Funding: (NSERC).
  3. M. Silva, L. Hartling, and S.B. Opps, Small mammals in agricultural landscapes of PEI: Effects of habitat characteristics at three different spatial scales, Biol. Conserv., 126, 556-568 (2005). Funding: (NSERC).
  4. R. Diplock, D.E. Sullivan, K.M. Jaffer, and S.B. Opps, Nematic-isotropic phase transition in diblock fused-sphere chain fluids,   Phys. Rev. E, 69, 046406 (4 pages) (2004). Funding: (NSERC).
  5. Extended-state space Monte Carlo methods, S.B. Opps and J. Schofield, Phys. Rev. E, 63, 056701 (11 pages) (2001). Funding: (NSERC).
Current Collaborators (non-UPEI): 
  • Drs. Jeremy Schofield and Ramses van Zon, Dept. of Chemistry, UofT.
  • Drs. John Katsaras and Jeremy Penser, NRC, Chalk River, ON.
  • Dr. Don Sullivan, Dept. of Physics, Uof Guelph.
  • Dr. Anirban Sain, India Institute of Technology, Bombay, India.