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J. Tim Goddard

My primary area of research and teaching is educational leadership and administration, broadly defined, with a focus on the role and impact of cultural and demographic change on structural systems within schools serving minority and marginalized populations.


PhD (Alberta)

MEd, BEd (Saskatchewan)

Cert. Ed. (Cambs.)

(902) 566-0349
Research Interests: 
  • Educational leadership and administration across cultures
  • Ethnocultural diversity and developmental education
  • School systems as organizations
  • The role of the principal in school culture
  • The preparation and professional development of teachers
  1. Goddard, J. T., Johansson, O., & Norberg, K. (Forthcoming). Managing equity: Experiences from Canada and Sweden. International Studies in Educational Administration.
  2. Goddard, J. T. (2008). The physical, philosophical and political domains of educational development and reconstruction: A case study from post-colonial Europe. In A. Abdi and S. Guo  (Eds.), Education for social development: Global issues and analyses (pp. 207 – 218).  Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Sense Publishers (formerly Kluwer).
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  4. Billot, J., Goddard, J. T., & Cranston, N. (2007). Principals’ decision-making in a web of ethnocultural diversity: Learnings from three countries. International Studies in Educational Administration, 35 (2), 3-19.
  5. Goddard, J. T. (2007). The professional development needs of educational leaders in post-conflict Kosovo. Educational Forum, 71 (3), 200-210.
Current Collaborators (non-UPEI): 

·         Prof. Olof Johansson, Umea Unviersity, Sweden

·         Dr Betty Merchant, University of Texas at San Antonio

·         Prof. Robert J. Starratt, Boston College