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Researcher name Department Phone_Number Research Interests Link
Carolanne Nelson Applied Human Sciences (902) 894-2881
  • Fatty acids
  • Gene-nutrient interactions
  • Celiac disease
Dany MacDonald Applied Human Sciences (902) 566-6482
  • Positive youth development
  • Development of expertise in athletes
  • Coaching
Debbie L. MacLellan Applied Human Sciences (902) 566-0521
  • Nutritional status of high risk populations
  • Nutrition education
  • Evaluation of nutrition programs
Jennifer Taylor Applied Human Sciences (902) 566-0475
  • Children’s food consumption
  • Evaluation of school nutrition policies
  • Program evaluation
  • Dietary methods
  • Nutrition, obesity and chronic disease
Katherine Gottschall-Pass Applied Human Sciences (902) 566-0492
  • Chronic disease prevention
  • Antioxidants
  • Nutroceuticals
  • Nutrition knowledge
Lori E. Weeks Applied Human Sciences (902) 566-0528
  • Care and support services for older adults and their caregivers
  • Factors affecting the health of older adults
Jamie Burr Applied Human Sciences, Kinesiology (902) 620-5225
  •  Human Performance/sport
  • Cardiovascular physiology
  • Arterial compliance
  • Heart disease and diabetes
Christian R. Lacroix Bbiology (902) 566-0382
  • Developmental Plant Morphology
  • Comparisons between compound leaves and shoots
  • Transitions in patterns of leaf arrangement
  • Homeosis in flowers
  • Conservation biology of the Gulf of St. Lawrence Aster
Daryl Guignion Biology (902) 566-0676
  • Salmonid populations, impoundments and fresh-water sport fish
  • Brush fires
  • applied biology/environment (PE)
Donna Giberson Biology (902) 566-0797
  •  aquatic insect ecology
  • insect biodiversity
  • Prince Edward Island streams
  • Arctic insects
James R. Kemp Biology (902) 628-4343
  • Pollination biology, floral development
  • Comparative studies on the structure and development of floral shoots in seed plant
  • Physiological studies that investigate the effect of nutrients on pollination, and how nutrients influence pollination success of commercial crops
  • Investigations into the movement of systemic pesticides into leaves, flowers, pollen, and nectar of agricultural crops
Karen Samis Biology (902) 620-5133
  •  Evolution across geographic range
  • Molecular and ecological genetics of local adaptation
  • Plant adaptations to their environments
  • The effects of hybridization on endangered species
Kevin Teather Biology (902) 566-0325
  • Ontogeny and behaviour in vertebrates
  • How early stress affects subsequent life history characteristics in fish and amphibians
Lawrence Hale Biology (902) 566-0551
  • Molecular evolutionary genetics of insects
  • Blueberry population genetics
  • Environmental viability studies - lobsters
Marina Silva Biology (902) 566-0602
  • Macroecology and conservation biology
  • Spatial scale and habitat fragmentation on the patterns of abundance and diversity of mammal populations
Marva Sweeney-Nixon Biology (902) 566-0633
  • cardiovascular diseases; hypertension; atherosclerosis; diabetes; renal disease.
  • stroke and neurodegenerative diseases; different forms of cell death; neuroprotection
  • oxidative stress and inflammation; antioxidants.
  • Vaccinium berries (blueberries, cranberries)
  • animal models of diseases; animal tissue culture
Michael R. van den Heuvel Biology (902) 566-6072
  • Environmental toxicology including endocrine responses of fishes to pollutants
  • Fish immunotoxicology
  • Fish population health
Pedro A. Quijon Biology (902) 566-6059
  • Marine benthic ecology
  • Larval ecology
  • Aquatic invasive species
  • Coastal biodiversity and conservation
  • Predator-prey interactions
Robert Hurta Biology (902) 566-0476
  • Transition from benign to malignant tumours
  • Heart
Tracy A. Doucette Biology (902) 566-6055
  • Behavioural neuroscience
  • Impact of early environmental factors on brain development.
Collins Kamunde Biomedical Sciences (902) 566-0944
  • Toxicity of metals to aquatic animals
  • Copper homeostasis in fish
  • Histopathology of metals exposure
  • Development of kinetic bioaccumulation models for metals Ecological Risk Assessment
David E. Sims Biomedical Sciences (902) 566-0812
  • Generally, the structure and function of blood vessels, particularly small vessels and their alterations during inflammation
  • Specifically, the inner glycocalyx, pericytes, endothelial cells and the connective tissues of blood vessels, which are affected by inflammation and other challenges
E. Don Stevens Biomedical Sciences (902) 620-5012
  • efficacy of analgesics in the lower vertebrates
  • evolution of the “pain” and/or “stress” response
Glenda Wright Biomedical Sciences (902) 566-0805
  • Cellular and developmental aspects of animal tissues
  • Cellular and developmental aspects of connective tissues
  • Evolution of proteins associated with connective tissues
  • Characterizing the non-collagen-based cartilages of lampreys and hagfishes
  • Development and characterization of lamprey cartilages 
  • Structure-function relationships of microfibril-based tissues
John F. Burka Biomedical Sciences (902) 566-0810
  • Fish pharmacology
  • Biology of the host-parasite relationship between sea lice and salmonid fishes
  • Developing sustainable and effective sea lice management strategies
  • Resistance mechanisms to chemotherapeutants used to treat salmon for sea lice
Luis Bate Biomedical Sciences (902) 566-0813
  • Neonatal studies (pig)
  • Applications of microwave technology to the animal industry. (Rewarming hypothermic animals; supplementary heating of animals)
  • Applications of maternal stimuli to modify behavioural activities of food producing animals
  • Development of welfare oriented housing facilities for farm animals
R. Andrew R. Tasker Biomedical Sciences (902) 566-0662
  • Behavioural Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology
  • Use both behavioural and molecular approaches in laboratory animals to study both normal and abnormal brain function in relation to neurological disease including epilepsy and stroke
  • Development of clinically-relevant animal models of neurologic dysfunction
  • Development of new therapeutic approaches to both neuroprotetction and rehabilitation 
Spencer J. Greenwood Biomedical Sciences (902) 566-6002
  • Molecular Biology
  • Parasitology (Protists)
  • Crustacean Pathogens
  • Lobster Genomics
  • Host:  Pathogen:  Environment Interactions
Sunny Hartwig Biomedical Sciences (902) 566-0894
  •  Kidney stem cells
  • Kidney development and applications to human kidney disease
  • Genome-wide transcription factor profiling: microarrays and bioinformatics analysis
Susan Dawson Biomedical Sciences (902) 566-0808
  • Functional morphology, biomechanics and evolution of marine mammals
  • Comparative anatomy
Susan E. Dohoo Biomedical Sciences (902) 566-0546
  • Pharmacokinetics of oral morphine sulfate formulations in dogs
  • Clinical evaluation of parenteral morphine sulfate as a postoperative analgesic in dogs
  • Factors influencing postoperative use of analgesics in dogs and cats by Canadian veterinarians and veterinary students
Tarek Saleh Biomedical Sciences (902) 566-0819
    • Central Regulation of Autonomic Function
    • Application of electrophysiological and neuroanatomical techniques to investigate the role of central autonomic regulatory nuclei in the control of blood pressure and heart rate
    • Investigating the role of peptides (such as substance P, neurotensin, cholecystokinin, somatostatin and calcitonin gene-related peptides) and hormones (estrogen) in modulating neuronal responses in cardiovascular nuclei to visceral afferent activation
    • Investigating the involvement of neurochemicals and neurohormones in autonomic nuclei which have been implicated in the central component of the baroreflex in health and disease
    • Investigating the role of hormones in functional neuroprotection from neurodegenerative diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer Disease, and spinal cord injury
Blake Jelley Business (902) 566-0449
  • Performance appraisal and management.
  • Candidate reactions to selection procedures.
  • Job analysis.
  • Evidence-based management.
  • Management of the human side of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Debra L Good Business (902) 566-0348
Gary Evans Business (902) 566-0613
  • Corporate Governance
  • Future development & Management of Professional Firms
  • Corporate structure
  • International business development and culture
Juergen Krause Business (902) 620-5078
  • Cluster analysis and evaluation
  • Market research, regulatory, and risk management
  • Drug reimbursement systems
  • Health and drug policy research
  • HR and Labour Workforce Research
  • Collaborations and Alliance models; 
Michael F Cassidy Business (902) 566-0658
  • The understanding of entrepreneurship and how it influences owners and their organizations
Roberta MacDonald Business (902) 566-0348
  • International marketing (country of origin for products and services)
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Tourism development and behaviors
Sean Hennessey Business (902) 566-0523
  • Issues in corporate governance
  • Investment trading strategies based on technical analysis
  • Impact of corporate earnings on security returns
  • Theory and practice of financial planning issues for the individual
  • Case writing
Tim E Carroll Business (902) 566-0511
  • Case writing, case teaching, teaching enhancement, and North Atlantic Small Islands Research
  • Changing employment structures
  • Application of information technology in flexible learning
  • Business process re-engineering (BPR)
Wendy R. Carroll Business (902) 566-0573
  • Workforce Strategies
  • Labour Force Dynamics
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
Barry A Linkletter Chemistry (902) 628-4328
  • Molecular recognition of DNA secondary structures
  • Telomeric DNA
  • Solid-phase organic synthesis
  • Novel nucleotide bases
Brian D. Wagner Chemistry (902) 628-4351
  • The use of fluorescence spectroscopy to study the properties and local environment of molecules
  • Supramolecular host-guest inclusion systems and their applications, including as molecular sensors and in trace analysis techniques (such as for pesticides in natural waters ).
  • Jason Pearson Chemistry (902) 566-0934

    • Computational Chemistry
    • Reaction Modeling
    • Quantum Biochemistry
    • Electronic Structure Theory
    Michael T. H. Liu Chemistry (902) 566-0565
    • Carbenes
    • 1,2-Hydrogen Migration
    • laser flash photolysis
    • azomethine ylide
    • 1,5-cylization, synthesis of biologically active nitrogen-containing heterocycles
    • C60 carbene adducts
    Nola Etkin Chemistry (902) 566-0693
    • Design of new catalysts for converting small molecules such as olefins into large polymers (like plastics)
    • Particular focus is on catalysts that are chiral, which means that they exist in left or right handed forms. These chiral catalysts have the potential to produce polymers with superior properties.
    Rabin Bissessur Chemistry (902) 566-0510
    • Synthesis of inorganic/organic nanocomposite materials
    • Conductive polymers
    • Polymer liquid crystalline materials
    Russell Kerr Chemistry (902) 566-0565
    • natural products isolation and characterization
    • bioassay-guided purification of natural products / drug discovery
    • isolation of natural product producing bacteria and fungi
    • development of fermentation methods to optimize natural product production
    • description of microbial communities in marine invertebrates
    David F. Buck Classics (902) 566-0403
    • "Later Roman Empire, especially historiography"

    Adam Fenech Climate Research Lab (902) 620-5220

    The vulnerability, impacts and adaptation to climate change. Focus on climate data analysis, scenarios of future climate change and linking global climate models to local decision-making. Sectoral interests are protected areas, coastal erosion, tourism, agriculture, forestry, biodiversity, economics.

    Caroline Runyon Companion Animals (902) 566-0891
    • Orthopedic surgery, bone healing
    • Recognizing and treating pain in birds
    • Force-plate and clinical evaluation of the treatment of naturally occurring canine osteoarthritis with chondroprotectives
    Darcy H Shaw Companion Animals (902) 566-0646
    • Nephrology, renal failure
    David Charles Seeler Companion Animals (902) 566-0886
    • Relationship of anesthetics
    • Teaching simulation projects
    Hans Gelens Companion Animals (902) 566-0850
    • Small Animal Gastro enterology
    • Pharmacology
    James B Miller Companion Animals (902) 566-0972
    • Small animal internal medicine
    • Immunology
    Kip A. Lemke Companion Animals (902) 566-0767
    • Neural blockade in animals
    • Perioperative pain management in animals
    • Pharmacology of anesthetic and analgesic drugs
    Leeann Pack Companion Animals (902) 566-0841
    • Diagnostic imaging of exotic animals
    • Canine reproductive ultrasound
    • Orthopedics
    Leigh Anne Lamont Companion Animals (902) 566-0773
    • Pain management in companion animal species
    • Clinical pharmacology of alpha2 adrenergic agonists
    • Use of bispectral index monitoring in companion animal species during inhalant anesthesia
    Romain BERAUD Companion Animals (902) 566-0892

    Gait analysis, Canine Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease, Osteoarthritis

    On-going studies include:

    • Comparison of two surgical techniques for correction of cranial cruciate ligament disease based on an exercise-protocol kinetic gait analysis.
    • Validation of the Walkabout Portable Gait Monitor for gait analysis in normal dogs.
    • Determination of the utility of a novel diagnostic laboratory technique (infrared spectroscopy) in diagnosis and monitoring of naturally occurring osteoarthritis of canine stifle with cranial cruciate ligament disease.
    Sherri L Ihle Companion Animals (902) 566-0970
    • Diabetes mellitus, leptin
    Wayne Cutcliffe Computer Science & Information Technology (902) 566-0601
    • Programming Languages/ Paradigms
    • Compiler design
    • Logic Programming
    • Database systems
    Cézar Câmpeanu Computer Science & Information Technology (902) 566-0485
    • Descriptional complexity of automata and of other objects that can be described using (formal) languages
    • Deciadbility and complexity of problems related to words and languages
    • Minimization of representations, and application to compression techniques
    David LeBlanc Computer Science & Information Technology (902) 566-0429
    • Mobile device interfaces
    • Project management process models
    • Cross-cultural interface design
    • Human factors usability testing
    • Learnability theory - what learning mechanisms are we born with that allow us to learn language and how do they work
    • Modelling of cognitive processes, specifically language and how it is acquired by the child
    Qiang Ye Computer Science & Information Technology (902) 566-6015
    • Communication Networks
    Stephen Lee Howard Computer Science & Information Technology (902) 566-0328
    • Policy-driven distributed systems management
    • Distributed object computing
    • Operating systems
    • Software engineering
    Yingwei Wang Computer Science & Information Technology (902) 566-0499
    • Bioinformatics
    David Groman Diagnostic Services (902) 566-0830
    • Applied aspects of infectious and non-infectious diseases of fin-fish.
    • Clinical chemistry and hematology.
    Annie Spears Economics (902) 628-4388
    • Financial development
    • Regional economic development (sp. PE)
    James Sentance Economics (902) 566-0498
    • Higher Education
    • Public Finance
    • PEI Economic History
    Larry Robert Clark Economics (902) 566-0566
    Mian B Ali Economics (902) 566-0678
    • Resource and Environmental Economics
    • Regional Economics
    • Island economy trends and comparisons with regional and national trends
    • Asian Studies
    Wimal Rankaduwa Economics (902) 566-0487
    • Econometric modelling and forecasting
    • Simulation
    • International trade and growth
    • Economic theory
    • Economic liberalization in developing countries
    • Global modelling
    Alexander McAuley Education (902) 894-2814
    Basil J Favaro Education (902) 566-0722
    • Entrepreneurial/Enterprise education with children and adults, assessing teaching and learning for Enterprise
    • Impact of trans-Atlantic exchange programs on pre-service and in-service teachers and teaching
    Carla Lisa Di Giorgio Education (902) 566-0365
    • Inclusive education
    • Learning disabilities
    • Developmental literacy
    • Francophone education
    • Cultural studies
    • Leadership
    • Inclusive practices/learning in preservice/inservice teachers
    Fiona Walton Education (902) 566-0351
    • Inuit Educational Leadership
    • Decolonizing Indigenous Education
    • Parental Involvement in Indigenous Education
    • Student Engagement in Indigenous Education
    • Foucauldian Ethics
    J. Tim Goddard Education (902) 566-0349
    • Educational leadership and administration across cultures
    • Ethnocultural diversity and developmental education
    • School systems as organizations
    • The role of the principal in school culture
    • The preparation and professional development of teachers
    Linyuan Guo Education (902) 620-5147
    • International Education;
    • Global Citizenship Education;
    • Curriculum Theory and Development;
    • Curriculum and Institutional Internationalization;
    • Education Change;
    • Interpretive Inquiry;
    • Hermeneutics;
    • Teacher Education
    Martha Gabriel Education (902) 566-0503
    • E-learning
    • Digital technologies and net generation learners
    • E-portfolios
    • Early child development
    • Singing as a means to learn
    • Action research
    Miles Turnbull Education (902) 566-0341

    ·         Codeswitching in second and foreign language teaching and learning

    ·         Literacy and content-based teaching in immersion programs

    ·         French Immersion

    ·         Core French

    ·         Teachers’ and school principals’ beliefs about language learning and teaching boys and language learning.


    Raymond George Doiron Education (902) 566-0694
    • Children’s reading preferences
    • The use of information books in early literacy programs
    • The role of the school library.
    Sean Wiebe Education (902) 620-5073
    • Poetic inquiry
    • Curriculum theory
    • Writing pedagogy
    • Autobiographical research
    • Teacher narratives
    • Arts-Based methodologies
    • A/r/tography
    • Critical literacy
    • Transformative education
    • Action research
    Suzanne Thomas Education (902) 566-0459
    • Qualitative Research Methods
    • Arts-informed Inquiry
    • Visual Culture
    • Poetic Inquiry 
    • Art Education, Diversity & Social Justice
    • Ecology & Sustainable Leadership
    • Eco Phenomenology & Geopoetics 
    • Nissology, study of islands 
    Kate Tilleczek Education, Sociology/Anthropology (902) 620-5127
    • Youth studies (Sociology of youth, youth cultures)
    • Childhood studies (Sociology of children, childhood cultures)
    • Sociology of education (critiques of public education)
    • Intersections of poverty, social class, mental health, culture, identities and education)
    • Marginalization and engagement of youth
    • Transitions of children and youth
    • Qualitative methods
    • Social theory
    Don MacEwen Engineering (902) 566-0399
    • Historical and modern ethical frameworks related to multidisciplined decision paradigms in professional practice
    • Developing economical geomatic information systems for cemeteries
    • Low energy equilibrium as it relates to physical health and healing
    Wayne Peters Engineering (902) 566-0495
    • Fluid mechanics, hydraulics and thermofluids with a special focus on engineering applications in the aquaculture industry
    Anne Furlong English (902) 566-0677
    • Linguistics - pragmatics/interpretation
    • Relationship of relevance theory to literary studies
    • 19th Century literature - women, literary culture
    Catherine Innes-Parker English (902) 566-0428
    • Medieval Literature
    • Vernacular Theology
    • Lay Literacy
    D Brenton MacLaine English (902) 566-0955
    • 20th Century literature
    • Poetry - anthologies
    • Fiction  - influence of photography
    Elizabeth Rollins Epperly English
    • written images and photographs
    • colours and shapes in images
    • metaphor (and the possible neural basis for metaphor)
    • synaesthesia
    Esther Wohlgemut English (902) 566-0689
    • 19th-century British Literature cosmopolitanism nationalism
    • 19th-century secret societies conspiracy narrative romantic historiography
    Geoffrey Lindsay English (902) 566-0593
    • Contemporary American poetry, Robert Lowell, Richard Howard, Anthony Hecht.
    Greg Doran English (902) 566-6013
    • Canadian Literature
    • Dramatic Literature
    • Theatrical Performance and Production
    • The Graphic Novel
    • Textual Scholarship
    Jane Magrath English (902) 566-0478

    • 18th-century literature
    • Women's writing
    • 18th-century medical texts
    • Representations of the female body
    • 18th-century correspondence
    • Elizabeth Montagu (1720-1800)
    Richard Lemm English (902) 566-0592
    • Poetry
    • Fiction
    Shannon K M Murray English (902) 566-0404
    • 17th Century Puritan Literature
    • Adaptation of Pilgrim’s Progress
    • Learning communities
    Wendy Pauline Shilton English (902) 566-0614
    • 19th Century American Literature
    • Composition and Literacy/Pedagogy
    • Writing Across the Curriculum
    Carolyn Peach Brown Environmental Studies/Biology (902) 620-5066
    • environmental governance
    • community-based natural resource management
    • sustainable development
    • climate change
    • knowledge systems
    • adaptive collaborative management
    • community resilience
    • biodiversity conservation
    • international development


    Janos Fedak Fine Arts (902) 566-0406
    • Art and Architecture
    • Central Europe
    • Arts and Culture
    • Archaeology
    Arthur Ortenburger Health Management (902) 566-0820
    • General surgery, wound healing, laparoscopy, lameness diagnosis, acupuncture
    Christopher B. Riley Health Management (902) 566-0816
    • Infrared diagnostic method and technology development
    • Comparative orthopedic research
    • Risk factors for surgical diseases
    • Equine and food animal surgery
    • Llamas and alpacas
    Crawford Revie Health Management (902) 566-0609
    Daniel Hurnik Health Management (902) 566-0963
    • Swine health management, swine epidemiology
    Elizabeth Spangler Health Management (902) 566-0848
    • Epidemiology, Health Management (all species), food safety
    Gavin F. Richardson Health Management (902) 566-0591
    • The effect of bioactive compounds on sperm cells
    • The control of the estrous cycle and ovulation in cattle
    • Applied research in theriogenology
    • The effects of dietary omega fatty acids on reproduction in beef cattle.
    Gregory Paul Keefe Health Management (902) 566-0968
    • Milk Quality and Mastitis
    • Dairy Production Medicine
    • Infectious disease epidemiology
    • Johne's Disease
    Henrik Stryhn Health Management (902) 894-2847
    • Biostatistics
    • Mixed models
    • Experimental design
    • Simulation
    • Epidemiology
    Ian Dohoo Health Management (902) 566-0640
    • Overall research interest is the application of epidemiologic techniques to a wide range of animal health problems
    • Analytical methods (particularly multilevel modelling) and animal health surveillance (particularly the immunologic diagnosis of internal parasites in dairy cattle) - interests encompass a broad range of techniques as applied to a wide range of domestic animals
    J T. McClure Health Management (902) 566-0717
    • Antimicrobial pharmacology
    • Clinical pharmacology
    • Large animal immunology
    • Acid-base disturbance and fluid therapy
    • Farm food safety/infectious disease issues, including zoonotic diseases and antimicrobial residues
    Jeanne Lofstedt Health Management (902) 566-0928
    • Ruminant and equine gastroenterology, ruminant and equine neonatology
    Jeff Wichtel Health Management (902) 566-0987
    • Herd and flock health and preventative medicine
    • Reproduction and nutrition of ruminants, especially cattle and sheep
    • Special interest in trace element and vitamin nutrition - specific expertise with selenium
    John VanLeeuwen Health Management (902) 566-0457
    • Ecosystem health in agricultural areas
    • Production limiting infectious diseases in cattle
    • Factors of ruminant health management
    • International Sustainable Development
    • Water quality
    K. Larry Hammell Health Management (902) 566-0728

    ·         Health and productivity management at fish farms / hatcheries

    ·         Clinical epidemiology, clinical trials

    ·         Disease surveillance and production monitoring

    ·         Diagnostic test evaluations

    ·         Risk factor studies

    Laurie McDuffee Health Management (902) 566-0996
    • Stem cell therapy for promotion of musculoskeletal tissues in animals
    • Equine bone healing
    • Biomechanics of fracture repair
    Mary A. McNiven Health Management (902) 566-0817
    • Sperm preservation
    • Fatty acid nutrition of ruminant animals
    • Equine nutrition
    • Aquaculture nutrition
    • Improvement in locally produced crops as feed for livestock
    • Improvement in the quality of beef fat
    Maureen Wichtel Health Management (902) 566-0458
    • Selenium status in newborn foals
    • Exocrine pancreatic function and its control
    Robert M. Lofstedt Health Management (902) 566-0874
    • Clinically applied reproductive endocrinology in domestic animals
    • Distance education
    T Jeffery Davidson Health Management (902) 566-0666
    • Shellfish/crustacean health and production, aquaculture field trials
    • Epidemiology of shellfish and shrimp aquaculture
    • Shellfish and crustacean disease research
    T. VanLunen Health Management
    • Enzyme,
    • Availability of nutrients
    • Pigs
    • By-products
    • PSE
    • Nutrition/health interactions
    Timothy H Ogilvie Health Management (902) 566-0800
    • Diseases and performance limiting problems of the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems of both horses and food producing animals.
    Wendy Marlene Duckett Health Management (902) 566-0828
    • Thyroid disease of horses, neonatology, athletic performance in horses.
    Edward MacDonald History (902) 894-2805
    • Social and political history of Prince Edward Island within an Atlantic Canadian context
    • Emphasis on cultural transferrence among immigrant groups, tourism, and the 20th century
    • Environment and Culture
    Ian Dowbiggin History (902) 566-0329
    • History of medicine - especially the history of psychiatry and psychology
    James E Moran history 1 902-566-0765
    Lisa Chilton history (902) 566-0692
    • International migrations
    • Canadian immigration
    • British imperialism
    • Gender history
    Richard G. Kurial history 1 902-566-0310
    • Canadian-American Relations
    • American History
    • American Foreign Policy
    Richard Raiswell history (902) 566-0504
    • European knowledge of India before 1600
    • Fraud and deceit 1300-1650
    • Demonological possession in early modern Europe
    • History of geographical thought before 1650
    Sharon Myers history 1 902-566-0699
    • History of women and work
    • Family history (deviance, etc.)
    • Child welfare
    Susan Ellen Brown history 1 902-566-0621
    • British and European history
    • 18th Century British cultural history (commercial culture, theatre)
    Sami Khedhiri Mathematics and Statistics (902) 894-2851

    Applied and computational statistics, Time series models, Regression analysis, Survival analysis.

    David Horrocks mathstatistics 1 902-566-0679
    • Combinatorics (sub-discipline of mathematics)
    • Combinatorial game theory which is concerned with the mathematical analysis of two player games, such as chess
    Gordon MacDonald mathstatistics 1 902-628-4329
    • Operator Theory
    • Linear Algebra
    • Basic theoretical problems in mathematics
    Ken Sulston mathstatistics 1 902-566-0391
    • Applied mathematics and mathematical modelling
    • Concentration primarily on applications to condensed matter physics, with secondary interest in biological systems
    Lowell Sweet mathstatistics 1 902-566-0346
    • Pure mathematics
    • Non–Associative mathematics
    Maxim R. Burke mathstatistics (902) 566-0311
    • General topology and set theory
    Md Shafiqul Islam mathstatistics 1 902-566-0619
    • Dynamical systems
    • Ergodic theory
    • Application of dynamical systems in finance and mathematical biology
    • Random dynamical systems
    Nasser Saad mathstatistics (902) 566-0357
    • Special Functions
    • Singular Potentials
    • Spectral Geometry
    • Eigenvalue Problems: Asymptotic Iteration Method
    Shannon Fitzpatrick mathstatistics 1 902-566-0619
    • Graph Theory: Graph Colouring, Domination, Path Covering
    Pamela Bastante Modern Languages (902) 566-0555
    • Medieval culture and literature (XIII–XV century)
    • Study of discourses
    • Popular culture in the literatures of medieval Spain and colonial Mexico
    • Transatlantic Hispanic Studies
    • Representations of death in the Iberian and European traditions and their projections in the New World, particularly in Mexico
    • Colonial religious texts
    • José Guadalupe Posada’s lithographs, especially the Calaveras
    Scott G Lee Modern Languages (902) 566-0392
    • French literature (19th-century to present day)
    • Psychoanalysis
    • Deconstruction
    • Speech Act Theory
    Carlo Lavoie modernlanguages 1 902-566-0431
    • sport et littérature
    • littérature minoritaire
    • régime identitaire
    • devenir-animal
    Doreley Coll modernlanguages 1 902-566-0603
    • Women's Studies
    • Latin American Studies
    • Golden Age Literature
    • Hispanic Mystics
    • Santa Teresa de Avila
    • Clarice Lispector
    • late Middle Ages, Renaissance
    Sanda Badescu modernlanguages 1 902-566-0379
    • la mélancolie
    • la maladie et l’écriture
    • Montaigne
    • Mme de Sévigné
    • Marcel Proust
    • Mme d’Épinay
    • Marsile Ficin
    • la littérature du genre autobiographique
    Andrew Zinck music 1 902-566-0618
    • Music History to 1750
    • Twentieth-Century Music
    • Music in Canada
    • Advanced Topics in Music History
    • Form and Analysis
    • Music for Film and Stage
    • Popular Music of the Modern Era
    Frances M Gray music (902) 566-0680
    • Piano performance (soloist and collaborative pianist in chamber music and duo repertoire)
    • Recent focus has been on the performance of piano music of the late 1800's and the early 1900's with a particular interest in British and American composers; and most recently, the focus has been researching and performing the piano music of Spanish composers such as Isaac Albéniz, Manuel de Falla, Enrique Granados and Joaquin Turina
    Gregory Irvine music 1 902-566-0571
    • Pedagogy of teaching brass instruments including aspects of the psychology involved in tone production
    • Efficient use of respiration in brass performance
    Karem Joseph Simon music 1 902-566-0702
    • Clarinet/Saxophone/Oboe
    • Woodwind Literature and Pedagogy
    • Secondary Music Education Methods
    • Woodwind Techniques
    • Wind Symphony
    • Woodwind Ensembles
    Sung Ha Shin-Bouey music (902) 566-0332
    • Voice
    • Vocal Pedagogy
    • Performance
    • Chamber Music
    • Choral Techniques & Conducting
    • Vocal Ensembles
    • Choirs
    Barbara Campbell nursing (902) 566-0743

    2009 Investigating digital literacies and global awareness in post-secondary net generation learners. Major  Research Grant, University of Prince Edward Island

    2009 Evaluation of Newborn Family Literacy Programs in the Maritime Provinces. Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

    2009 Connecting Families through Community: An English as a Second Language (ESL) Family Literacy Project. Human Resources and Social Development Canada.

    Janet Bryanton nursing (902) 628-4344
    • Perinatal health promotion which encompasses promoting maternal/fetal/paternal/family health during the prenatal, intrapartum, and the postnatal periods.
    • In particular prenatal psychosocial assessment, nursing support in labour, women's perception of their childbirth experience, early parenting, parenting self-efficacy.
    Jo-Ann Mary MacDonald Nursing (902) 566-0771
    • Information, knowledge, and skills to protect sexual health
    • Harm Reduction Measures to Prevent Hepatitis C
    • Evidence-based practice in Public Health
    • Prevention of HIV/AIDS in vulnerable populations
    • Promotion of School Health
    Judith Charlotte Cotton nursing 1 902-894-2869
    • E-Learning
    • Evidence Based Practice
    • Expanding Roles for Nurses
    Kimberley Critchley nursing 1 902-628-4300
    Mary Jean McCarthy nursing (902) 566-0757
    • Aboriginal Communities
    • Health Risk Behaviours in the Student Populations
    • Sociobehavioural Cancer Research
    • Empowering Parents through Asthma Education
    • Family Centred Care
    Rosemary Herbert Nursing (902) 566-0788
    • Tobacco Control: Smoke-free Homes
    • Empowerment Intervention Research
    • Cancer Prevention
    • Primary Health Care
    • Global Health
    Ahmed Siah Pathology & Microbiology (902) 566-0668

    Molecular Biology
    Aquatic Health

    Alfonso Lopez Pathology & Microbiology (902) 566-0943
    • Effect of neonatal hypoxia and meconium aspiration on the integrity of the respiratory membrane
    • Animal models of acute lung injury, bronchiolar mucous metaplasia, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
    María J. Forzán Pathology & Microbiology (902) 566-0545

    Amphibian health, status of ranavirus and chytid fungus on PEI, mortality in wild finches in the Maritime Provinces associated with tricomoiaisis (trichomonosis)

    • Wildlife disease
    • Amphibian conservation
    • Chytridiomycosis and ranavirus infection in wild and captive amphibians
    Arnost Cepica pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0826
    • Immunity, pathogenesis, and diagnosis of viral infections
    • The role of protein conformation in generation of virus neutralizing antibody and virus clearance/persistency
    • Serum inhibitor of retrovirus
    Barbara S Horney pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0638
    • Investigation of the agent of Lyme Disease in Atlantic Canada
    • Identification of clinical chemistry and haematologic parameters associated with infection of lobsters with the protozoan causing "bumper car disease"
    • Blood chemistry and haematology of aquatic species
    • Investigation of hemolymph chemistry and cytology in lobsters
    • Case driven investigation of emerging diseases and trends
    • Bioethics and professionalism
    Carmencita Yason pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0752
    • Include enteric coronavirus, porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome, application of polymerase chain reaction for detection of animal viruses.
    David J. Speare pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0807
    • Immunoprophylactic and therapeutic control strategies for gill diseases of farmed fish
    • Basic and applied research into the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of economically significant diseases of farmed fish
    • Stabilization of epicellular biofilm components for ultrastructural examinatioIdentification and evaluation of candidate treatments for branchial diseases of farmed fish
    Frederick S.B. Kibenge pathologymicrobiology (902) 566-0967

    • Biology of viral pathogens
    • Research is focussed on understanding the mechanisms of virus virulence to contribute to knowledge on viral pathogenesis and to improve on methods of virus detection and control

    Gary Conboy pathologymicrobiology (902) 566-0965
    • Metastrongyloid parasites of wild and domestic canids
    • Helminth parasites of wildlife
    Gerald Raymond Johnson pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0853
    • Diagnostic fish pathology
    • Forensic fish pathology
    James Bellamy pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0856
    • Decision-Support Systems for medical problems
    Lisa Maag Miller pathologymicrobiology (902) 566-0858
    • Chinook Project
    • Cardiovascular Pathology
    • Curriculum and Student Affairs
    P Jeffrey Lewis pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0732
    • Development of DNA-based vaccines for bacterial pathogens
    • Characterizing virulence-associated repertoire (Virulome) of the microsporidian Loma salmonae
    • Characterizing novel antigens from Renibacterium salmoninarum and assessing potential for vaccine development
    Paul E Hanna pathologymicrobiology (902) 566-0852
    • Infectious diseases of domestic animals
    • Veterinary dermatopatholgy
    Pierre Yves Daoust pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0667
    R J Frederick Markham pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0854
    • Diagnostic immunoassay for plasmacytoid leukemia of salmon
    • Immunologic detection of Flavobacteria and Flexibacteria in tissue and in the environment
    • Development of ELISA testing for cattle infected with intestinal helminths and dogs infected with lungworm
    • Studies on host-parasite interactions in mammals and fish including "bumper car" disease in lobsters
    • Pathogenesis and immunity in rickettsial disease in salmon
    • Immunodiagnostic testing for heavy metal contamination
    • Pathology and host response in Loma salmonae infection in rainbow trout
    Richard Cawthorn pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0584
    • Developmental cycles, pathogenesis of infection,   immunological responses, systematics and epidemiology of protistan parasites of livestock, shellfish and finfish
    • Infection of lobsters with the ciliate parasite causing "bumper car" disease
    • Application of principles of veterinary medicine to crustacean fisheries
    Sandra E McConkey pathologymicrobiology
    Scott R McBurney pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0959
    Shelley A. Burton pathologymicrobiology 1 902-566-0751
    • Clinical pathology and assay assurance of shellfish
    • Endocrinology
    Malcolm Murray Philosophy (902) 566-0575

    Ethical theory: Contractarian ethics, moral epistemology, and evolutionary game theory.

    Neb Kujundzic philosophy 1 902-566-0334
    • Philosophy of Science and Technology
    • Philosophy High Technology
    • Philosophy of Mind
    • Austrian Philosophy
    • Philosophy of Language
    Pamela Courtenay-Hall philosophy 1 902-894-2838
    • Environmental thought
    • Feminist theory
    • Ethics
    • Philosophy of science
    • Philosophy of education
    • Parenting
    • Sexuality
    • Critical thinking
    Tony Couture philosophy 1 902-566-0989
    • Anarchism
    • Life beyond the nation-state system
    • Anti-government philosophies
    • William Godwin, Peter Kropotkin, Leo Tolstoy, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Emma Goldman, Michael Bakunin
    • Ethical theory
    • Theories of justice
    Derek W. Lawther physics (902) 566-0338
    • Investigation of the links between atomic-scale defects in materials and their corresponding macroscopic physical properties
    • Positron annihilation spectroscopy
    Douglas Dahn physics (902) 566-0599
    • Materials science, nanocomposite materials, electrical conductivity, ionic conductivity, scanning probe microscopy, instrumentation and measurement physics
    James M. Polson physics (902) 566-0335
    • Polymer collapse and freezing
    • Polymers and molecular motors
    • Polymer translocation through nanopores
    • Equilibrium and non-equilibrium polymer dynamics
    Sheldon Opps physics 1 902-566-0421
    • Structural and dynamic properties of polymeric systems, such as Langmuir monolayers, liquid crystals, and polypeptides - simulation techniques used, include parallel-tempering, discontinuous molecular dynamics (DMD) and transition path sampling
    William Whelan Physics (902) 566-0419
    • Tissue optical properties
    • Laser therapeutics
    • Near-infrared spectroscopy
    • Raman spectroscopy
    • Optoacoustic imaging
    Henry Srebrnik Political Studies (902) 566-0977
    • Politics of ethnic nationalism
    • Comparative politics
    • Socialist and Communist movements
    B. Bartmann politicalstudies
    • International relations
    • Microstates (transition to independence)
    • Island Studies
    • International engagement of non-states
    Gilbert Germain politicalstudies 1 902-566-0446
    • Post-Modernism
    Peter McKenna politicalstudies 1 902-566-0367
    • Canada's role in the OAS
    • Canadian-Latin American relations
    • Canadian-Cuban relations
    • Canadian-Mexican relations
    • Canada-U.S. relations
    • Human rights issues
    • Gaming in Canada
    Annabel J. Cohen psychology 1 902-628-4325
    • Auditory perception
    • Music cognition
    Catherine Louise Ryan psychology (902) 566-0323
    • Developmental neurotoxicology
    • Animal models
    • CNS
    • Learning and memory
    • Amino acids
    Colleen R MacQuarrie psychology (920) 566-0617
    • Multifaceted nature of health and wellness across the lifespan and within diverse community settings
    • Transitions in the prevention of chronic diseases
    • How environments support health choices
    Eric D. Richards psychology 1 902-566-0489
    • basic attentional processes and the underlying cortical systems
    • vision science, divided-attention, dual-task processing, object processing, aging, and neuroimaging.
    Fiona Ann Papps Psychology (902) 566-0966
    • Social Psychology
    • Sex, sexualities, and gender
    • Feminist Critical Psychology
    • Adolescence and emerging adulthood
    • Representations of bodies and sexualities in literature and print media
    • Body image
    • Beautification practices
    Philip B. Smith psychology (902) 566-0549
    • Health psychology
    • Tobacco control
    • Sociobehavioural aspects of cancer
    • University teaching and learning
    • Family violence
    Scott Greer psychology (902) 566-0690
    • History and theory of Psychology
    • Freud and psychoanalytic thought
    • The self and consciousness
    Stacey L. MacKinnon psychology (902) 566-0402
    • Trust
    • Risk
    • Forgiveness
    • Resiliency


    Thomy Nilsson psychology (902) 566-0794

    • Vision research: color, memory, legibility of graphics, temporal effects
    • Research on aging: quality of life, sensory abilities, and cognitive impairment
    • Theory: neural networks mediating consciousness
    • Ergonomics: - study of fatigue, lighting, and driving
    Vickie A Johnston psychology (902) 628-4363
    • The First Year Undergraduate Experience
    • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
    • Student Learning and Development
    • Early Childhood Education
    Edward Chung Religious Studies (Chair 2003-2009) (902) 566-0324
    •  Eastern religion and thought, especially Neo-Confucianism
    •  Modern Confucian ethics and spirituality
    •  Comparative Religion: interreligious dialogue; Confucian-Christian dialogue 
    •  East Asian religions in Canada
    Joe Velaidum religiousstudies (902) 566-0444
    •  social/cultural theory, education and religion, in the thought of Northrop Frye
    • the history of liberal education
    • faith and the "new" atheism
    Philip G Davis religiousstudies (902) 566-0505
    • contemporary neo-paganism
    Don Wagner School of Business (902) 566-0467
    • International Trade
    • Migration of Skilled People
    • Economic Development
    • International Taxation Policy
    • Innovation and Geography
    • Microfinance
    Donna Murnaghan School of Nursing (902) 566-0749
    • primary health care
    • health promotion
    • chronic disease prevention
    • tobacco reduction and evaluation
    • school health research
    Benet Davetian Sociology & Anthropology (902) 566-0607
    • Social theory
    • Cultural history
    • Civility
    • Sociology of education
    • Media and society
    • Cross-cultural sociology
    • Civilizational dialogue
    • Literature.
    Charles Adeyanju Sociology & Anthropology (902) 566-0482
    • Race and Ethnicity
    • Transnational Migration
    • Media and Society
    • Social Inequality
    Joseph Kopachevsky Sociology & Anthropology (902) 566-0513
    • Research Design and Statistics (Non-parametric)
    • Organizations - Structure, Effectiveness and IOR
    • Evaluation - Program, Policy and Research
    • Demography - Migration, Population Growth/Decline
    • Tourism - Commodification, Consumption, Carrying Capacity
    Godfrey Baldacchino sociologyanthropology (902) 566-0909
    • Island Studies
    • Nissology
    • Islands and Migration 
    • The Interface of Ecology, Economic Development and Good Governance on Small Island Jurisdictions
    Judy Lynn Richards sociologyanthropology 1 902-566-0433
    • Eldercare
    • Aging Populations
    M Jean Mitchell sociologyanthropology 1 902-566-0381
    • Women
    • Melanesia
    • Urbanization
    • Colonialism
    Satadal Dasgupta sociologyanthropology 1 902-566-0577
    • Rural societies
    • Small communities
    • Peoples of South Asia
    • Caste systems in India
    • Social change and technological development
    Thomas N Trenton sociologyanthropology 1 902-566-0482
    Udo Krautwurst sociologyanthropology (902) 566-0306
    • settler colonialism in southern Africa
    • the relationships between socio-cultural anthropology and contemporary social theory
    • visual culture; and human-technology interactions within cultures of scientific research
    Ann Braithwaite Women's Studies (902) 628-4312
    • history of and current debates in Women’s Studies
    • theories of disciplines/(inter)disciplinarity
    • feminist theorizing – esp. third wave, post, feminism
    • popular culture and representations of bodies and identities