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Donna Giberson

I am an entomologist, and work primarily on biodiversity of aquatic insects. I’m also involved in biodiversity studies of other insects, including ladybugs and other beetles, and bumblebees. I focus on habitats in the Maritimes and in Arctic Canada

  •  BSc (Environmental Biology)
  • MSc (Aquatic Entomology)
  • PhD (Aquatic Entomology)
(902) 566-0797
Research Interests: 
  •  aquatic insect ecology
  • insect biodiversity
  • Prince Edward Island streams
  • Arctic insects
  1. Paetzold,S.C., J. Davidson, and D.J. Giberson (2008) Responses of Mitrella lunata and Caprella spp., potential tunicate micropredators, in Prince Edward Island estuaries to acetic acid anti-fouling treatments. Aquaculture 285 (2008) 96–101

  2. Giberson, D.J. 2007. Of Mosquitoes and Men. The Island Magazine. 62: 2-13

  3. Giberson, D.J., S.K. Burian, M. Shouldice. 2007. Life history of the northern mayfly Baetis bundyae in Rankin Inlet, and additions to the list of mayflies of Nunavut Territory, Canada. The Canadian Entomologist. 139: 628-642.     
  4. Eedy, R.I., and D.J. Giberson. 2007. Macroinvertebrate distribution in a reach of a north temperate eastern Canadian river: Relative importance of detritus, substrate and flow. Fundamental and Applied Limnology (Archiv für Hydrobiologie) 169: 101-114.

  5. Purcell, L.A., and D.J. Giberson. 2007. Effects of an azinphos-methyl runoff event on macroinvertebrates in the Wilmot river, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Canadian Entomologist 139: 523-533
Current Collaborators (non-UPEI): 
  •  Dr. Doug Currie, Royal Ontario Museum
  • Dr. Chris Buddle, McGill University
  • Dr. Terry Wheeler, McGill University
  • Dr. Dave McCorquodale, Cape Breton University
  • Dr. Ron Aiken, Mount Allison University
  • Dr. Steve Burian, Southern Connecticut State University
  • Dr. Ken Stewart, University of North Texas